Sunday, 17 February 2008

Managing Economic Development

1. Chernobyl nuclear accident: Click here to watch a short movie about Chernobyl.

This is a Greenpeace video from You Tube about the Chernobyl accident:

2. Comprehensive information on the Bhopal industrial accident can be fround on the BBC website and there is some information on the main Geography department blog here.

3. Oil pollution - click here

4. Acid rain - an excellent case study from Mr Chambers (Geography teacher) can be found here

5. Global warming, acid rain and ozone depletion (very cheery!) from S-Cool can be found here

6. Global warming:
Click here to view it on slideshare if you can't see it below:

A short movie showing the effects of climate change is here

and my short film on the Stern report (from Oct 07 - about climate change and the possible global effects) is available to view here

Global Eye magazine has a useful section on climate change, including international agreements here

This from Revision World is useful for those aiming for the higher grades - especially the case study of Hurricane Katrina which you use in anothersection of the course as well.

and finally -if you prefer podcasts...... global warming podcast

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