Monday, 18 February 2008

Weather hazards

Most of this section looks at the effects of, and management of floods and tropical storms (hurricanes, cyclones) in LEDCs and MEDCs.

1. This animated guide to hurricane formation is a good starting point. Go to this BBC webpage and click on the first short clip to show how a hurricane is formed.

2. Revision notes from S-Cool can be found here and there is more on tropical storms here and here.

3. A podcast on a cyclone hitting Bangladesh is here.

4. The video below from You Tube compares Hurricane Katrina (which hit MEDC) and Hurricane Mitch (which hit LEDCs). You would need more information for your case studies but the film will go with your (hopefully) completed case studies in class!

An excellent, in-depth look at Hurricane Katrina from the BBC.


5. For information on the Bangladesh floods of 1998 see here from Mr Chambers. Bangledesh experiences flooding every year but the 1998 floods were particularly severe.

6. Mr Chamber's section on the Boscastle floods is here and the powerpoint below shows flooding in the north of England last summer (thanks to a Geography teacher in Cambridgeshire for this). If yo can't view the powerpoint below click here to view it.

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