Monday, 18 February 2008

Revision notes and past questions

Well, not unless its this one or one I've posted a link to!!

If the powerpoints on the blog aren't working ignore the message saying the powerpoint has been removed or made private (slideshare is lying!!) Use the links given to view them directly on slideshare!

St Dunstan's in Somerset do the same course as us.

Click here for mindmaps of eack topic (click on the topics to view the notes) and here for past questions on each topic. Again, you'll need to click on the topic name to access the questions.

Thanks to the Head of the Geography Department at St Dinstan's for sharing these.

You can download the AQA C Geography syllabus from here . You want the subject content (page 18 onwards).

and past papers (and markschemes to self mark) are available from here.

To get your brain in gear why not try Mr Mothersole's quiz specifically for our syllabus - click here to access it at Wycombe High School site (thanks for letting us use this!)

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