Monday, 18 February 2008

Population change

1. Some background information first of all from the BBC and S-Cool (you don't need the section on population distribution).

2. For information on population structures and the demographic transition model see here and here (You don't need the 'you should be able to' points on this last link - this is for a different syllabus). Thanks to Richard Allaway from the International School in Toulouse, France for this last link.

Also have a look at the powerpoint below but if you can't view it click here to see it.

Click here and scroll down to see the BBC Bitesize clip on population pyramids.

3. The problems of an ageing population
Watch this short film , listen to this podcast and check out the links on the main Geography blog here

4. What can be done to reduce the birth rate in LEDCs?

In class we looked at two contrasting approaches in Kerala, India and China's One Child Policy.

There are links to several articles on the Geography blog here, including measures MEDCs are taking to try to encourage people to have more children (you need to know this too!)

Click here and scroll down to see the BBC Bitesize clips on population measures in China and Kerala.

More on Kerala and more about China's One Child Policy

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