Monday, 18 February 2008

Pressures on the physical environment

We chose to look at a glaciated area (Lake District National Park) and a limestone area (the Peak District National Park). Other classes may have done a coastal area for a second case study instead.

1. For the Lake District and glaciation start with the Bitesize revision notes and S-Cool's section on glaciation (You don't need all the sections here but use your classwork notes as a guide to what you need to know)

2. Click here and scroll down to access the BBC Bitesize clip about Tourism in National Parks. Here are some notes on tourism in National Parks - a bit brief perhaps but a good starting point and a map to show the location of national parks is here

3. Limestone! Learn all about limestone here and here. This section from S-Cool is useful for a bit more information about weathering processes.

4. Two short films about tourism in the Peak District from other Geography teachers can be found here and here.

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